Arnhem-Centrum Baptist Church is a contemporary and open (receptive, open-hearted, friendly) church in the city of Arnhem. A congregation of 235 members & friends, with many children and an enthusiastic youth group, we seek to experience the reality and creativity of a living faith in Jesus Christ. And to experience this within the life of the congregation first of all, then pass it on to the wider community, our society. Because having a living faith is not just a personal thing. The congregation is one big family, that accepts, cares for and attends to the needs of each other.  During the week this finds expression through personal visits, in small groups and prayer groups (trios). And each week there are a variety of regular activities, including some in English.

Guests comment that our Sunday gatherings are personal and relaxed, yet with a clear, Biblical message which is very applicable to daily life.

Location: the spacious and intimate chapel on the Willem van Kleeflaan 6. 

'Being church' for us means: meeting and connecting with God and with each other. To meet, to learn and to celebrate together, to be Christian and to live it out in practice.  The congregation is a place to practice our faith in Jesus Christ. To help each other grow in personal relationship with God, with yourself, with the congregation and - last but not least - to serve our neighbor in our society.

Our vision has three streams:

  1. We aim to be a united and open-hearted community: looking out for each other and into the wider community. 
  2. Our faith in Jesus Christ is a living faith - relevant for everyday life. Hence we are continually and constantly growing in Him.
  3. We want be visible, in the midst of society. Visible Christians, and visible together. 

Sunday gatherings:

Every  Sunday morning at 10.00am in the chapel.

Services vary: baptism services (3x a year), Holy Communion celebrations (1st Sunday of each month), family services (with children), enthusiastic youth services (4x a year) or just special annual celebrations (Easter).

Our pastors, rev. Thijs Tichelaar en rev. Saskia Tichelaar preaches 2-3x a month. The remaining Sundays various visiting speakers fill the pulpit, providing for diversity. Sunday = Monday. In other words, we aim to match all aspects of our services to practical daily living. We worship, meditate on what God is saying to us through His Word, personal testimonies are shared,  and we pray. All in contemporary style.

After the service there is an opportunity to meet and share over a cup of tea/coffee.

Translation on Sunday

During each Sunday service there is a simultaneous English-language translation available. We use wireless headsets, which makes it possible for you to sit anywhere you want. Please pick up a headset at our translation desk (in the back of the church hall).

Sunday: children's services

A crèche is available for babies and toddlers (0-3 years old) and a kinder program for 3-4 year old children during the service.  A variety of fun and challenging programs are organized for children who attend Basis School.  They participate in the beginning of the service with their parents and at approx. 10.15 they go to their own programs. Their program consists alternatively of 'whopper party' (kanjerfeest), Kidspraise, Sunday School, Bible Basics (Bible study for Group 7-8). Every 5th Sunday the children remain in the regular worship service - these services are tailored to them, and an activity is provided during the preaching of the Word.

English Bible Study 1: once every 2 weeks, Tuesday evening, 19.30-22.00 at Dieren

This Bible study provides a place for English-speakers to discuss, study and pray together. Participants include Nederlanders and "medelanders" such as families, students, and short-term workers from Europe and all over the world. Study material varies. The group takes a somewhat contemplative approach with an emphasis on fellowship. Everyone is welcome!

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English Bible Study 2: once every 2 weeks, Wednesday evening, 19.00-22.00 at Arnhem

This Bible study meets at a more central location (Arnhem). Time together includes singing African Gospel as well as prayer and Bible study. The group bases their discussion on different themes from Bible and daily life. Group members come from an variety of backgrounds; for most English is a common rather than a first language. Nederlanders and "medelanders" are welcome too!

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کلیسای باپتیست آرنهم یک کلیسا مدرن و باز در شهرستان آرنهم است. با بیش از 235 عضو و دوستان ، بسیاری از کودکان می خواهند و خلاقیت جوانان پر جنب و جوش و واقعیت زندگی ایمان به عیسی مسیح زندگی می کنند. در هرحال با هم بودن و ایمان                                                          را به دیگران دادن.چونکه این کارراتنها انجام نمی دهیم.. کلیسا به عنوان یک خانواده بزرگ تلقیمی شود، که در آن توجه و مراقبت از یکدیگر و به دیگران است .      

 ج حتی در روزهای هفته، و در تماس های شخصی، برای مثال ، محافل دعا و تریو

جلسات در روز یکشنبه،، پیام کتاب مقدس است که قابل اجرا در زندگی روزمره است.

 محل سکونت : کلیسای بزرگWillem van Kleeflaan 6.

کلیسای ما : دیدار و ارتباط با خدا و یکدیگر. با همکاری یکدیگر برای جشن، یاد بگیرند ، ملاقات و همچنین مسیحی به سادگی انجام دهد. این کلیسا یک زمین آموزش از ایمان به عیسی مسیح است. ما به یکدیگر کمک به رشد در رابطه با خدا، با خود،

:چشم انداز ما

. ما می خواهیم برای باز کردن یک جامعه : مراقبت از یکدیگر و به دیگران است. 1

ایمان به عیسی مسیح ایمان زندگی است -- برای هر روز است که به ما در زندگی ما با او رشد می کنند. 2.

ما می خواهیم دیده شود ،در قلب جامعه قابل مشاهده مسیحیها ، با هم قابل مشاهدهدیگران 3.

هر روز صبح یکشنبه در 10:00 نشستی در کلیسای کوچک ما وجود دارد. این خدمات می تواند بسیار متفاوت است.

خدمات یکشنبه با ترجمه فارسی

۳باردرسال غسل تعمیدو جشن از عشای ربانی (اولین یکشنبه هر ماه)، خدمات خانواده (همراه با کودکان)، ۴باردرسال جلسه


، موعظه کشیشیان مارتین برخهاسکه۲-۳بار درماه موعظه میکند   (عید پاک)جشن از زمان های خاص

یکشنبه های دیگر ، سخنرانان دیگر وجود دارد -- بنابراین تنوع وجود دارد. یکشنبه = دوشنبه، است که ، با همه بخش های خدمات ما به تمرین روزانه است. آواز خواندن ما ، در مورد آنچه خدا در کتاب مقدس انجام داده است.   

پس از این دیدار فرصتی است برای یک فنجان قهوه / چای وجود دارد

 برای مهمانان ایرانی و افغان ، این امکان وجود دارد تا خدمات خود را به زبان خود (فارسی) را دنبال کنید.

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