Arnhem-Centrum Baptist Church is a contemporary and open (receptive, open-hearted, friendly) church in the city of Arnhem. A congregation of members & friends, with many children and an enthusiastic youth group. We seek to experience the reality and creativity of a living faith in Jesus Christ. First of all within the life of the congregation, then pass it on to the wider community, our society; because having a living faith is not just a personal thing. The congregation is one big family, that accepts, cares for and attends to the needs of each other. During the week this finds expression through personal visits, gathering in small groups and prayer groups (trios). Each week there is  a variety of regular activities, including some in English.

Guests comment that our Sunday gatherings are personal and relaxed, yet with a clear, Biblical message which is very applicable to daily life.

'Being church' for us means: meeting and connecting with God and with each other. To meet, to learn and to celebrate together, to be Christian and to live it out in practice. The congregation is a place to practice our faith in Jesus Christ. To help each other grow in personal relationship with God, with yourself, with the congregation and - last but not least - to serve our neighbor in our society.

Our vision has three streams:

1. We aim to be a united and open-hearted community; looking out for each other and into the wider community. 
2. Our faith in Jesus Christ is a living faith; relevant for everyday life. Hence we are continually and constantly growing in Him.
3. We want to be visible, in the midst of society; visible Christians and visible together. 

Sunday gatherings: every Sunday morning at 10.00am in the spacious and intimate chapel on the Willem van Kleeflaan 6. 

Services vary: baptism services (three times a year), Holy Communion celebrations (1st Sunday of each month), family services (with children), enthusiastic youth services (four times a year) or just special annual celebrations (like Christmas and Easter).

Our new pastor, rev. Matthijs van der Kruk preaches two or three times a month. The remaining Sundays various visiting speakers fill the pulpit, providing for diversity. Sunday = Monday. In other words, we aim to match all aspects of our services to practical daily living. We worship, meditate on what God is saying to us through His Word, personal testimonies are shared and we pray; all in contemporary style.

After the service there is an opportunity to meet and share over a cup of tea/coffee.

Translation on Sunday

During the Sunday you can ask for English translation. 

Sunday: children's services

A crèche is available for babies and toddlers (0-3 years old) and a children's program for 3-4 year old children during the service. A variety of fun and challenging programs are organized for children who attend primary school. They participate in the beginning of the service with their parents and at approx. 10.15 they go to their own programs. Their program consists alternatively activities: like Kidspraise, Sunday School, Bible Basics (Bible study for Group 7-8). Every 5th Sunday the children remain in the regular worship service; these services are tailored to them and an activity is provided during the preaching of the Word.

More information: secretariaat@baptisten-arnhem.nl