Welcome to the Baptist Church Arnhem-Centrum!

Our church community is more than 100 years old and still vibrantly alive. We are a warm, active Christian church community in the Molenbeke district of Arnhem. Our congregation consists of approximately 165 members and friends. We gather every Sunday at 10am for worship. Throughout the week there are a variety of other activities, including some in English. 

What kind of church are we?

We are a community who share a living faith: we want to be followers of Jesus in all aspects of our lives. In our services there is room for prayer, praise, and the Word in stillness as well as joyful noise. We are an urban church, open to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. For example, we have an active Farsi-speaking group from Iran and surrounding areas. Since 2022 a group of Ukrainians have also joined us. Simultaneous translation is now available in English, Farsi, and Ukrainian. 

You are very welcome to come in on Sunday morning. There are always people available to show you the way or answer your questions. Our facilities are also accessible for wheelchair users. If you would like some more information before visiting us, you can ask us via the contact form.

Join us for worship

Every Sunday morning at 10.00am in the spacious and intimate chapel on the Willem van Kleeflaan 6. 

Special services:  Holy Communion (1st Sunday of each month), family services (with children, 5th Sundays), as well as special annual celebrations (like Christmas and Easter).

After each Sunday morning service there is an opportunity to meet and share over a cup of tea or coffee.

Every second Sunday of the month there is an informal lunch after the service, too. Everyone is invited to join!

Translation on Sunday

A member of the Guest (Gast) Team can help you arrange for English translation. 

English translation is currently available through a group WhatsApp call on your mobile telephone. 

Earbuds and headphones are available, but consider bringing your own if you have them, especially if you have an IPhone. We also have extra cell phones at the church if you do not have one or are not already connected to WhatsApp.

It would be helpful if you would click this link on the phone you will be using ahead of time or scan this QR code:

Especially for children

During the entire service a crèche is available for babies and toddlers (0-3 years old) and a children's program for 3-4 year-olds. A variety of fun and challenging programs are organized for children who attend primary school. They participate in the beginning of the service with their parents for the first fifteen minutes and then go as a group to their own programs. Every 5th Sunday the children remain in the regular worship service. These services are tailored to them and an activity is provided for them during the preaching of the Word.

More information: secretariaat@baptisten-arnhem.nl